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With a series of relevant work already accomplished, IKI has specialized in developing, planning, raising funds, developing and producing projects related to cultural, social, environmental, sports and promotional marketing. Using the key initiatives to ensure the successful marketing of its customers and noticing the specific characteristics of products and consumers.

• Creation, administration, executive production and accountability of projects;
• Adequacy of the project to the Laws of Culture, Sports and Tourism encouragement;
• Strategic planning and positioning of the project in the market.
• Study the viability of the project;
• Fundraising for execution;
• Organization and logistics;
• Production of events and sports competitions;

Cultural Marketing is the development of a varied set of actions, strategies and products with the objective of stimulating the production and the dissemination of culture in its broadest meaning. In this concept are involved especially the support and sponsorship of cultural activities (literature, dance, music, cinema, theater, folklore, and cultural and artistic actions) by public and private companies. There are currently a lot of federal, state and municipal laws benefiting companies that practice this policy. The most known is the Rouanet Law which allows companies to have some tax deductions.

The Sports’ Marketing includes activities directed to the practice and broadcasting of sports, clubs or associations either by the promotion of events/ tournaments or the support/ sponsorship to sports clubs, including also the work of communication/ marketing. The Sports Marketing is highly professionalized in certain countries (for instance, the United States in nearly all sports and the European football - more specifically the British, Spanish and Italian). In Brazil there are already several initiatives of big companies looking at the sports’ world very professionally. Some of these companies already have specific license projects for sponsorship and - like in culture - already dispose of a federal law that allows some tax exemption.

The social and environmental marketing is the market effort to associate a brand or an institution to a cause which may be the development of campaigns such as preventive health or the encouragement of reading, recycling, saving energy and conscious water consumption. Donations to charity entities, partnerships with philanthropic associations, development of work with poor communities are some of the many projects that can be developed.

Promotional Marketing is an activity related to products, services and brands which through interaction with its target audience seeks to achieve strategic objectives of sales and customer loyalty.
• Assistance and development of campaigns and promotional actions;
• Promotion, approach and tasting at strategic places of sale;
• Sampling;
• New products release;
• Leafleting;
• Merchandising;
• Recruitment, hiring and training of promoters and support staff;
• Reporting on the results of actions;



Companhia Energética de Brasília vai substituir 4 mil geladeiras de famílias de baixa renda
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Brasília – A CEB, Companhia Energética de Brasília, vai substituir 4 mil geladeiras e pelo menos 250 mil lâmpadas de alto consumo usadas por famílias de baixa renda no Distrito Federal. A ação cumpre uma determinação legal da Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica, e começa a ser executada na segunda quinzena de fevereiro.

RGE instalou 22 mil lâmpadas de LED em 70 prédios públicos
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Rio Grande do Sul - A iluminação interna de 70 prédios públicos da área de concessão da RGE foi transformada em 2018. Em uma ação do seu Programa de Eficiência Energética, a distribuidora do Grupo CPFL Energia substituiu lâmpadas antigas, como as fluorescentes e incandescentes, por novos pontos com tecnologia LED. Ao todo, 22 mil novas lâmpadas foram instaladas em 30 escolas públicas, 23 prefeituras e secretarias, 12 hospitais públicos, 2 sedes de órgãos de segurança e 3 associações assistenciais. A ação teve investimento de R$ 1,8 milhão.


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