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Social and Environmental Responsibility

Environment and sustainable development: the planet asks for help!

The current system of development and socio-economic growth has created a huge imbalance in the environment, which causes a big concern for the whole society, because there is wealth in abundance in the world but, on the other hand, environmental degradation increases gradually, day after day, as a result of uncontained pursuit to improve the quality of life without minding the consequences brought up to nature.

Sustainable development must be seen not only as a reduction of the impacts of economic activities on the environment, but mainly how these effects increase the quality of life and wellness of society both for the current and future generations. The impacts of this good action seek to reconcile the economic development preserving especially the environment.

The social and environmental responsibility should walk together with sustainable development. For this It is important that every citizen understands the importance of protecting it as an important part of development and growth, since growth is not concerned with equality, social justice, or any other aspect of quality of life, unless the accumulation of wealth, while development focuses on distributing them to improve the quality of life for all people, taking into consideration, therefore, the environmental quality of our planet.

It is our obligation to seek a better world for our children and grandchildren so they can get to know the environment, breathe a healthy air, live a life without becoming victims of past generations’ mistakes and, above all, do not feel the impacts of uncalculated actions on the environment.

We believe this is possible and that's exactly why we care about environmental quality and we want to leave this heritage to the world – the gift of existing, living well and the privilege of being able to know the wonders that this world offers us.



Prefeitura gaúcha ganha sistema de iluminação com lâmpadas de LED
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Rio Grande do Sul – A iluminação interna da Prefeitura de Três Coroas, no Vale do Paranhana, está mais eficiente e econômica desde esta semana. A sede do Executivo Municipal recebeu uma ação do Programa de Eficiência Energética (PEE), desenvolvido pela Rio Grande Energia (RGE), que instalou 249 lâmpadas de LED em pontos onde antes havia lâmpadas menos eficientes. As novas unidades permitirão uma economia de cerca de R$ 2,7 mil ao ano e uma redução no consumo de energia de 6,33 MWh no mesmo período.

RGE instala lâmpadas de LED na Prefeitura de Cachoeirinha
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Rio Grande do Sul - A Rio Grande Energia (RGE) executou, recentemente, ações do seu Programa de Eficiência Energética (PEE) na Prefeitura Municipal de Cachoeirinha. Foram instaladas 712 lâmpadas de LED na sede do Executivo Municipal. Com as medidas, estima-se que o município tenha uma economia de energia de 19,4 MWh ao ano e uma diminuição de R$ 8,2 mil na conta de luz total do prédio.


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