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Energy Partners’ Caravan
Project done between the years 2004 and 2005. Aimed to perform actions in the schools and community mobilization of the counties in the countryside of Pernambuco as well as recreational, dramatic, musical and cultural activities. In all 18 counties were supplied.

Project CELPE Agent
The project has been carried since 2006 in the state of Pernambuco. It aims to provide guidance to consumers classified as low-income residents in poor communities through the figure of the Community Worker, also a resident of the community, and the rational use of energy and security at home and in the streets contributing to the change of habits and adequacy of the bill's capacity to pay for each family. This project also includes the implementation of improvements in electrical installations and settlement of consumer units in poor condition which takes risk for the families if not changed. The project focus as well, on making the replacement of old refrigerators and light bulbs for energy efficient equipment for low-income consumers. It has benefited more than 500.000 (five hundred thousand) registered families with delivery/ replacement of more than 10.000 (ten thousand) refrigerators and more than 400.000 (four hundred thousand) lamps and has also conducted educational lectures for this segment (over 1.000 – one thousand).

Project New Refrigerator
This project has been undertaken since 2008 with Celpe. It seeks to sell in a subsidized way in partnership with the Popular Bank of Brazil efficient refrigerators to low-income costumers who live in poor districts in the metropolitan area of Recife, contributing to the change in consumption habits and consumption adequacy to the capability of payment of each costumer. It has benefited over 1.000 (one thousand) families/ beneficiaries. The retail store is located on Conselheiro Aguiar Avenue, XXXX - Boa Viagem - Recife.

Project Ecocelpe
The project has been running since 2008. Its objective is the exchange of recyclable materials for a bonus in the electric bill as a way to reduce the environmental impact and the bill itself. There have been collected over 300 tons and there have been registered over 200 clients.

Project Living
The project has been undertaken since 2009 in the state of Minas Gerais. As a goal, it seeks to guide target customers of low income how to purchase power with an energy efficient behavior, enabling the power consumption properly and safely. Associated with educational awareness and changing habits, donations of compact fluorescent lamps will be made to replace incandescent lamps, efficient refrigerators (Seal A - Procel) in exchange for poor refrigerators that have a high energy consumption and heat exchangers to replace the high power showers to optimize the use of the shower in peak hours of the electrical system. In addition to these activities improvements in the wiring in homes and communities will be promoted. By the end of the project 8.000 (eight thousand) refrigerators will be exchanged, 450.000 (four hundred fifty thousand) lamps will be installed, 4.000 (four thousand) units of heat exchangers and XXXX facilities will be reformed.

Project CEAL Agent
The project has been running since 2009 in the metropolitan area of Maceió. It intends to guide consumers in poor neighborhoods through the resident agent of the community towards the rational use of energy, helping to change consumer habits and adequacy of bill payment. It also includes improvements in electrical installations and settlement of consumer units. Besides that it seeks to make the replacement of old refrigerators and light bulbs for energy efficient equipment for low-income consumers. By the end of the project more than 80.000 (eighty thousand) families will be benefited with more than 6.000 (six thousand) refrigerators and 100.000 (one hundred thousand) light bulbs will be replaced, 500 (five hundred) consumer units will be reformed and educational activities and lectures will be given.

Reverse Logistics Process
Through partner companies “METAFIK”, all the old equipment, light bulbs and refrigerators - after their removal of the homes - go through a process of dismantling, sorting waste, removal of oil and gas, and disposal, according to the current Brazilian environmental legislation.




Companhia Energética de Brasília vai substituir 4 mil geladeiras de famílias de baixa renda
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Brasília – A CEB, Companhia Energética de Brasília, vai substituir 4 mil geladeiras e pelo menos 250 mil lâmpadas de alto consumo usadas por famílias de baixa renda no Distrito Federal. A ação cumpre uma determinação legal da Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica, e começa a ser executada na segunda quinzena de fevereiro.

RGE instalou 22 mil lâmpadas de LED em 70 prédios públicos
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Rio Grande do Sul - A iluminação interna de 70 prédios públicos da área de concessão da RGE foi transformada em 2018. Em uma ação do seu Programa de Eficiência Energética, a distribuidora do Grupo CPFL Energia substituiu lâmpadas antigas, como as fluorescentes e incandescentes, por novos pontos com tecnologia LED. Ao todo, 22 mil novas lâmpadas foram instaladas em 30 escolas públicas, 23 prefeituras e secretarias, 12 hospitais públicos, 2 sedes de órgãos de segurança e 3 associações assistenciais. A ação teve investimento de R$ 1,8 milhão.


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